WeChat popular features , secrets, trends , download and Statistics 2017

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WeChat popular features , secrets, trends , download and Statistics 2017

wechat is a popular free Chinese messaging service, available on mobile and Windows PCs. The desktop version allows you to chat and share files just like you can on the mobile versions. Wechat is an application developed by Tencent. It was first released in 2011 and by 2017 it was one of the largest standalone messaging application by monthly active users, with over 938 million active users. However, as of 2017 WeChat has not been able to successfully penetrate international market outside of China.

WeChat History

Wechat started app development in October 2010 at Tencent Guangzhou Research and Project center. A small team starts working on a mobile chat app in a Tencent office in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, away from the company’s Shenzhen HQ. The original version of the app, “Weixin”, was invented by Xiaolong Zhang, and named by Ma Huateng, Tencent CEO and was first launched in 2011. The government has actively supported the development of the e-commerce market in China – for example in the 12th five-year plan (2011-2015).

The WeChat added features and improvement over the years. The following are the brief details on them.

August 2011:                      Seven months after launching, WeChat update to add in support for video clips and a “find nearby users” function.

March 2012:                       WeChat hits 100 million registered users after 14 months of launching.

April 2012:                           Weixin becomes WeChat. After a year launch Tencent picked an English name for it.

June 2012:                           Tencent pushed WeChat into India with an official and high profile launch- including lots of pricey advertisement on Facebook. However, it was the first of many overseas fails for WeChat.

July 2012:                             Voice and video calls added

September 2012:             Syncs with Facebook and Twitter / WeChat hits 200millions registered users. The number of registered users doubles in the space of six months.

Late 2012:                            WeChat backslash begins. A woman was reportedly ambushed and murdered when a man who was stalking her using WeChat’s “people nearby feature” attempted to rob her.

December 2012:               Tencent came out with WeChat for Blackberry.

January 2013:                     The app reaches 300 million registered users just after its second anniversary.

February 2013:                  WeChat chases after Indonesia. The outcome was similar to India, not much came out of it.

May 2013:                           A sign of progress in Thailand

May 2013:                           WeChat started revealing figures for monthly active users.

July 2013:                             Back when WeChat still seemed to have a good shot at going global, the company hired footballer Lionel Messi as its TV and billboard ad star.

August 2013:                      WeChat gets into gaming and mobile payments

August 2013:                      WeChat grows to 100million registered users outside China

September 2013:             During a month-long experiment, 300 WeChat-branded vending machines popped up in subway stations in parts of Beijing.

November 2013:              Selling stuff through WeChat is now common, so Xiaomi’s first experiment turned out to be indicative of things to come.

January 2014:                     WeChat added taxi booking in partnership with Didi Dache. People could pay with WeChat and no cash required.

May 2014:                           Tencent now allowed any business to open up a store inside a WeChat brand account.  This feature was open to all kind of companies whether major or small.

June 2014:                           Mobile wallet feature got more useful as you can now send money to your friends with WeChat

March 2015:                       Half a billion registered users

November 2015:              650 million registered users

However, as of 2017, WeChat has not been successful in penetrating international markets outside of China.

Top 8 Features of wechat

  • Spying on the articles your friends are reading

Have you ever wondered what your connections are reading on WeChat? This WeChat feature allows you to see the articles your friends have been reading but haven’t necessarily shared. Just go to Subscriptions, tap on Search Articles and then choose the only option available: “original articles read by friends

  • Individual privacy setting for shared content

Another convenient WeChat feature is individual privacy settings for content. For example, user can share a photo that will be visible to all friends (default), only specific friends, no one or all friends except specific ones.

  • Built in Photo Editor

WeChat has its own photo editor which you can use to edit images before sharing them. It’s fairly similar to iOS photo editor in functionality but it allows you can do all of the editing, marking and annotations on your photos directly within WeChat app.

  • Adjusting moments options per individual user

While scrolling through Moments, you can quickly adjust setting for each individual users who show up in your feed. Just tap and hold the profile picture for 2 seconds until Moments options button shows up. Then you can choose to hide moments from that user or make your own updates invisible only to them.

  • Favorites – save anything

Here is the most underused WeChat feature – Favorites. What most users don’t realize is that they can store practically anything there: from favored posts, and images to photos, locations, documents in multiple formats and voice memos. Moreover, those can also be shared and synced across multiple devices.

  • Long press on picture inputs a name

This is a cute little shortcut that you probably never used unless you discovered it by accident. While in a chat, tap and hold the profile picture of the other party and you’ll be able to address them without having to type their name. This WeChat feature is especially useful in a group chat while addressing a specific person and saves using “@user_name”.

  • Multiple video chats

One of the least known but powerful WeChat features inside groups is multiple video chat. I allow group members to communicate in video conference mode. It works with up to 9 users – ideal for study groups and remote teams. Of course, that one requires fast internet connection and may not work well on mobile networks.

  • Web WeChat

You can also use WeChat on your computer. There is no need to install the software or apps. You can just go to this link and scan the QR Code to login.


WeChat Statistics

Release Date of WeChat:                                                            January 2011

Number of registered WeChat Users:                                    1.1 Billion

Active WeChat users:                                                                     846 million monthly active users

Average no. of daily WeChat users:                                         768 million

Number of Corporate accounts:                                                                12 million

Number of WeChat users that access on Smartphone:   639 million

Number of people using WeChat outside China:                               100 million

WeChat Number of friends limit for personal account:   5,000

Average number of Chinese adults using WeChat daily: over 40 minutes

Number of WeChat users with credit card linked:             300million

% of WeChat users that purchase product online:             83%

Average number of times WeChat users visit WeChat:   10 times

Average number of friends for users on WeChat:             128 friends

Number of offline stores that accept WeChat payment:                300,000 stores

Year over Year 2015-16 growth in messages on WeChat:                67%

8 Secrets features on WeChat

  1. QR Code is a Business Card

You can use QR code as a modern Business Card and let WeChat users scan the QR code and get your details.

  1. Record short videos

WeChat has this new feature where you can take 15-20 minutes of short video and share with your friends on WeChat, Facebook, or Twitter right away. Also, if you want to show your products in 360 degrees view, this feature is perfect

  1. Multi-language animations

You probably haven’t noticed that when you chat with someone in WeChat and type in “miss you,” no matter in what language, and press send, you will see stars falling. If you type “xoxo,” you will see a rain of kisses; “happy birthday,” a rain of cakes. There are other seasonal animations too during special occasions like New Year’s, Christmas, etc.

  1. Mention @Someone

It isn’t an easy task to tag someone in a messaging app like Skype or Whatsapp when you are in a group chat. You cannot mention the person in the group to let them know your message refers to them. However, on WeChat you can tag someone by typing @ in front of their names.

  1. Lucky Money

This has to be China’s favorite feature! The whole idea came from the Chinese tradition of red envelopes. We give out red envelopes as gifts at every possible occasion, on New Year, birthdays, graduations, weddings, new jobs, and even when someone’s in the hospital.

  1. Search for people nearby

WeChat enables people to search for other WeChat users located within 100m-20km. If you find someone at an event that you really want to connect with but you don’t get a chance to talk to them, you can search for people nearby and you should be able to find them if they are on WeChat. This can be good or bad feature depending on your use.

  1. Share to Twitter, Facebook, and Email

Your friend shares a funny article or interesting news with you and you want to share it to Twitter, Facebook, or email someone else? You just need to press and hold the file and choose from different options

  1. Share Location

Have you ever been in this situation? You and your friend or colleague arrange to meet somewhere like a mall. You arrive first, but your friend is struggling to find your exact location in such a large space. In WeChat, you can simply share your real-time location with your contact so they can see exactly where you are. Of course, this can create an issue about your security so make sure you use it carefully.

Top 7 WeChat Trends


WeChat is a great platform for any businesses.

WeChat offers businesses a great way to connect with their customers. With more than 90% Chinese online shoppers using WeChat, many of brands set up their stores in the app. WeChat is great for all businesses from fast moving consumer goods through to industrial B2B corporations.


WeChat is used more than you can imagine.

Around 30 percent of WeChat users visit the app more than 30 times per day spending 1/3 of their time connected on the app. On average, WeChat adult users spend around 40 minutes a day surfing the app.

Payments are available for both online and offline goods.

WeChat users are able to pay for their bills, groceries and dinners using their WeChat wallets. Over 300,000 offline businesses partnered with WeChat to boost their revenues. For example, more that 30% of McDonald’s customers are paying for their orders using WeChat. However, it is common for even street vendors to leverage WeChat wallet as their point-of-sale.


WeChat users are very active on WeChat ecommerce.

Users on WeChat are the most active online shoppers in the world. More than 80% of registered people on WeChat App purchased products online last year. It is beneficial for a company operating in China to be present on WeChat.


Users on WeChat app are mostly active in the evenings.

It is roughly estimated that users are mostly active from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. If a company is planning on deploying marketing campaigns it is best to launch them at night (China time) to maximize results.


WeChat users are everywhere.

The WeChat app is known everywhere; the platform is used in more than 70 countries. As a business that targets Chinese consumers there is a huge opportunity to reach to users from other countries as well.

WeChat: The Future of Mobile internet

WeChat, a Chinese mobile messaging service, “is the best example yet of how China is shaping the future of the mobile internet for consumers everywhere”, according to The Economist.

The app offers everything from free video calls and instant group chats to news updates and easy sharing of large multimedia files,” the publication observes.

One of the most impressive advantages of WeChat, the weekly publication continues, is its delivery on “the promise of a cashless economy, a recurring dream of the internet age.”

Subscribers to the service can spend an entire day without putting cash on the table or serving up a credit card.

“About half of all sales over the internet in China take place via mobile phones, against roughly a third of total sales in America. In other words, the conditions were all there for WeChat to take wing: new technologies, business models built around mobile phones, and above all, customers eager to experiment.”

The five-year-old offering was developed by Tencent, a Chinese online-gaming and social-media firm, which reports WeChat usage of more than 700m people. More than half of We Chat’s audience has already linked their bank cards to the app.

WeChat Linked with Global Financial Service Giant

WeChat users will now have the ability to send money cross-border to 200 countries and territories around the world. Although the service is only available to users in the United States, there are plans to roll it out to other countries in the near future.

The partnership comes shortly after the launch of the recently announced, WU Connect platform which embeds Western Union’s robust global money transfer capability into third-party digital platforms to provide users with new ways to quickly and conveniently send money to friends and family.

By teaming with Western Union …WeChat is offering yet another new method for customers to move money worldwide.”

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WeChat Better than Facebook? “Social platforms are very important in my industry. I would say that the best social platform in the world for me is WeChat, it’s much better than the Facebook of the world,” Yannick Bolloré, the chief executive of Havas, told CNBC in a TV interview on Monday.

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